This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

I'm ready to get started now.

"I attended a Nurse Practitioner meeting where the speaker was Dr. Margaret Gaglione.  She spoke about obesity and the medical management of these patients.  During the conference, she described a fictitious patient named “Betty”.  The more she talked about Betty, the more I saw myself as Betty.  I sent Dr. Gaglione an email shortly after the speech asking her if I could be one of her patients.  Luckily, she agreed.

"She had some labs drawn, taught me how to eat correctly and introduced me to an online program called Fit Day.  She is very easy to talk to and extremely supportive to her patients.  She becomes genuinely excited when her patients make progress which causes her patients to want to continue on course.  She teaches you how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle and how to feed your family in a more healthy way.  We talked about how to add your favorite foods into your meal plan, how to get added activity into your day, and how to eat at restaurants without losing control.

"My success has been wonderful!!  I am pleased to report that since I became her patient, I have now lost 34 pounds.  But this is not only a benefit to me.  Friends and co-workers have asked how I lost the weight and I share with them my new knowledge on healthy eating and lifestyle.  I also am able to help the patients that I see in my clinic by giving them suggestions on what they can do to help themselves.

"Dr. Gaglione has introduced the concept of medical bariatrics to me.  She is a phenomenal physician who is extremely intelligent and knows how to motivate and teach her patients how to live a healthier lifestyle.  I feel great and love my new look; I am having fun buying new clothes at a size 8 instead of a 14!!  I owe all of this to her."


Eda Moreno

Decision-Free® Diet
Results not typical. HMR® published data from selected programs offering the Decision-Free® Diet Program show a 50-60 pound average weight loss.

This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

At Tidewater Bariatrics, my staff and I are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

I am a board certified Bariatrician and Internal Medicine physician. I will tailor a program specific to your needs, time constraints and abilities.

Our program is modeled after successful academic university medical center programs, and is dedicated to decreasing your health risk, improving nutrition, providing health education, and increasing your overall wellness. You can expect to lose weight, improve your cardio-vascular health, and reduce your risk of developing long-term obesity complications.

Even if you already have the complications of obesity, weight loss can decrease or eliminate their effects.

Dr. Margaret Gaglione

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