This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

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I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I was really started putting on weight in college and since then. I had tried other programs, but with little success. I was a yo-yo dieter and frustrated...which inevitably lead to gaining more weight. In September I had heard about Tidewater Bariatrics. At first I was skeptical, but decided I would go for an orientation just to see. During my orientation I thought this program is definitely do-able, but could only be successful if I gave it a shot. I lost 6 pounds in the first two weeks which I have never been able to do on any other program. While on this program, the more I have lost the more confidant I am that I can continue to lose. I have become more confident in myself and I now believe that I am worthy of a happy, fit, healthy life. I have lost 52 pounds in 165 days on the program and have 33 pounds to go! I am thankful for the staff of Tidewater Bariatrics for their great support and encouragement in this process.



This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

At Tidewater Bariatrics, my staff and I are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

I am a board certified Bariatrician and Internal Medicine physician. I will tailor a program specific to your needs, time constraints and abilities.

Our program is modeled after successful academic university medical center programs, and is dedicated to decreasing your health risk, improving nutrition, providing health education, and increasing your overall wellness. You can expect to lose weight, improve your cardio-vascular health, and reduce your risk of developing long-term obesity complications.

Even if you already have the complications of obesity, weight loss can decrease or eliminate their effects.

Dr. Margaret Gaglione

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