This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

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Five Tips To Keep Summer Fun And Lose Weight

Lifestyles change with the season and so do eating habits. Here are five tips to keep summer fun and lose weight.

- We eat less when it's warmer; that's why restaurants and supermarkets keep their environments very well air conditioned. Eat outdoors or turn down the air conditioner in your home one hour before dinner.

- Try some or all of these vegetables on the outdoor grill -- eggplant, red pepper, zucchini, portabella mushrooms, or onions. They put a capital "D" in delicious. Simply spray the grill with olive oil cooking spray and add salt and pepper, oregano and basil. They taste great and are low in calories.

- Summertime fruits are wonderful, and watermelon is a great choice. One cup of cubed watermelon is only 50 calories and 10 grams of carbohydrates, plus it's 90% water! Watermelon is a wonderful source of lycopene, a potent antioxidant also found in tomatoes, pink grapefruit and pink guava. The best thing about watermelon is that the lycopene is bioavailable and ready for use by our bodies. The lycopene found in tomatoes is only bioavailable after the tomatoes have been cooked or processed. Tomato paste or tomato sauce or ketchup have much more usable lycopene than tomatoes off the vine. Lycopene is important for good cardiovascular health and glucose metabolism. SO eat the watermelon and grill the tomatoes!

- Use calories wisely, and don't waste them on what you drink. Try non-caloric drinks only -- water, diet sodas, unsweetened tea, crystal light, and flavored waters. Intake for most people should be greater than 64 ounces of fluid per day. 64 ounces of soda is 776 calories. You have to walk 8.5 miles to work it off. 64 ounces of water is ZERO calories.

- Going out to dinner? Check out beforehand to preview the caloric content of your dinner choice. Remember, knowledge is POWER. Know what you're eating!

This is the first step in improving your health and lifestyle.

At Tidewater Bariatrics, my staff and I are committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

I am a board certified Bariatrician and Internal Medicine physician. I will tailor a program specific to your needs, time constraints and abilities.

Our program is modeled after successful academic university medical center programs, and is dedicated to decreasing your health risk, improving nutrition, providing health education, and increasing your overall wellness. You can expect to lose weight, improve your cardio-vascular health, and reduce your risk of developing long-term obesity complications.

Even if you already have the complications of obesity, weight loss can decrease or eliminate their effects.

Dr. Margaret Gaglione

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